Because our products vary so much, our search field can be very helpful. Try looking up a specific category such as 'animal rings' or 'sterling silver.' When looking for your specific RING SIZE make sure to enter only the the size number you are looking for such as '7' or '10.' See out how to find your ring size below.


How can I find my ring size?

- While there are ring sizers available to buy online, you can easily find your size with things you have at home. Find a piece of STRING (a strip of paper or even floss works!) and wrap it around your finger, not too tight but snug enough to where the ring wont fall off. Next, mark or cut the string where you've measured and use a RULER to determine that length in inches/cm. Use this chart to find your size.

What is Sterling Silver?

- Sterling silver, identified by a '925' stamp on the inside of piece of jewelry, is the highest grade of silver you can find in jewelry. Pure silver is too malleable to smith on its own. At 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper (most common) it contains the highest silver content without it changing colors or being too soft for everyday use.

Why do some metals turn my skin green?

- Cheaply made rings with a high copper content will naturally react with your skin's acidity and moisture, leaving a green stain on your skin. It is important to understand what care your jewelry needs. Its important to note, that metals like Sterling Silver and Steel will not have this reaction.


What is your return/exchange policy?

- We will adhere to our in store policies and continue with our no return policy. However we will be accepting exchanges within 30 days of receiving your item. Contact us via email at mayahollywood@msn.com and let us know what you would like to exchange and why. Next, you can either return the item to us by mail or in stores (with proof of purchase). Once we've received the item, we will either offer you a coupon code or in-store credit. Note that only about 10% of our inventory is online, for more options we invite you to visit our storefront.

What if my ring doesn't fit?

 - If you've measured your finger accurately and your ring still doesn't fit right, consider the fact that your fingers swell due to multiple conditions such as hot temperatures or excess salt in the body. Your hands will fluctuate every day so keep that in mind!